Work With Me

Novak Fox 45In addition to our schedule of classes, Chef Gwyn is also available for:

Editorial Content/Restaurant Reviews:  With more than 25 years experience writing about food and wine, we would be happy to write and research editorial content for your publication, as well as review restaurants in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Brand Ambassador: Looking for a professional chef and educator to represent your brand via sponsored blog posts and social media channels? Are you hosting an event or demo in the Baltimore/Washington area? Let us represent your brand or attend on your behalf and spread the word via follow-up blog posts and/or social media.

Recipe Development: Are you in need of original recipes and testing for your magazine article, book, or blog?  Call or email us to discuss. 

Giveaways and Product Reviews: If your product is a good fit for No Thyme to Cook, we can provide a timely review and/or giveaway to our fans.

Please contact us at to discuss.